Onyx Straps - Burgundy Strap

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Onyx Straps - Burgundy Strap

The Burgundy Strap is great lifting strap with a gorgeous color and finish. 

This strap has a very soft fur side with a slightly tight flesh side with a sheen finish. 

When folded over and used over time, the strap will change colors due to the oil and waxes in the leather.

No two straps will ever look the same. 

They come in 22 inches, with the ends sewn together.

They are 1.25 inches in width, made to accommodate the large and smaller wrist athletes.

Made in Los Angeles, CA.

Named after the famed San Diego's KVWN News Team Anchorman. 


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    Ron Burgundy Straps

    Posted by Soap on Sep 13th 2018

    By far the most comfortable straps I have ever used. I've gone through several other popular straps but these are by far the best. Well worth the extra money. After one sessions, they've already begun to mold to the contours of my hands and wrists. Looking forward to future purchases in different colors.

  • 5

    Posted by Dennis Scales on Aug 16th 2018

    Super comfortable and easy to get around the bar with both hands. Love them.

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    nice straps

    Posted by al on Jun 21st 2018

    great straps for deadlifting strong leather worth the money for this strap

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    Red Burgundy straps

    Posted by Rex on Mar 11th 2018

    Being new to Olympic lifting I was researching straps to assist in snatching. I found Onyx Straps through As Many Reviews as Possible and they were recommended as the best. A couple of things that stand out after trying both these and the Vader straps the last few days is that they: A. Are pretty much broken in out of the package. To me this is important because my schedule limits being able to lift and I want to concentrate on technique, not breaking in my equipment. I tried a friend's nylon webbing straps and even though they had been used a fair amount they were not nearly as comfortable. and B: These straps are sewn so that they are right and left hand/wrist specific whereas most straps are sewn identical. I've only tried nylon closed loop straps other than Onyx, not other leather closed loop brands but I can definitely feel a difference with the left and right specific straps. Danny at Onyx was very helpful at choosing both these as well as Vader straps as I wanted to try out different thicknesses to see which I preferred (Onyx is the only company I've found that offers different thickness straps within their line. Otherwise you would have to try different brands or go custom made). I do like the Onyx closed loop straps over lasso straps (my main type used up until now) and the nylon webbing straps I've used. Highly recommended. Grab a pair (or two, if you want to try different thicknesses...to see what works best for you).

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